Our values

Aldes Group's ambitions are set apart by the values it has been nurturing for three generations.

The Sustainable Development approach is one of the cornerstones of the Group's project. It manifests itself in a policy built around 4 priorities :

  • To reinforce its corporate citizen position,
  • To reinforce its social company position,
  • To position the development of its products in an eco-design approach,
  • To obtain international ISO 14001 certification.

Aldes Group places PEOPLE at the heart of its approach and its entire project:

• People, system end-users, whose wellbeing, comfort, and health are a central concern,
• People, the Group's employees, whose resources and development provide the Group's energy and source of progress,

• People, intermediaries, professionals or prescribers, whose contributions require respectful and trusting relationships,
• People, finally, in terms of housing and environment, the future of which is one of our societies' major challenges.

- These are people who, in order to work together, share a strong culture - an element that brings together and mobilizes everyone- and put the values they have chosen into action: confidence, commitment, and mutual respect.

- Confidence in the entrusted mission and the assigned delegation. To have the right to make mistakes and the obligation to react. Confidence can only exist if the entrusted person makes a commitment.

- Commitment to a common project, for the team, to achieve results. Commitment supported by volition, effort, and perseverance.

- Mutual respect through reciprocal listening and acceptance of differences. In accordance with roles, hierarchic responsibility, personnel, and the regulatory framework of the company's common undertaking.

These values are applicable to all our counterparts : customers, employees, suppliers and so on.

A new step forward for ALDES : Exhausto joins the Groupe
ALDES, has just bought 100% of the share of the Danish company EXHAUSTO, a key player in the market of air handling units for multi-family and commercial buildings. In 2015, Exhausto generated a turnover of 63 million euros with a total of around 300 employees.

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